Backcountry Riding at Brown’s Gulch

Going to keep this one brief.  El Nino has started to die down here in the southern mountains of Colorado and the temps have been steadily rising, but the early season riding was pretty epic and I finally accomplished one of my goals of getting some backcountry turns in. The unfortunate sudden closure of Venture Snowboards offered me with a chance to pick up an industry leading  splitboard for half the regular price. I couldn’t pass up that opportunity, right??  Slap that baby on the credit card along with beacon/shovel/probe and some new bindings and she’s ready to rip!

January rolls around and me and some buddies take off into the San Juan’s just north of Silverton for some laps around Red Mountain. The backcountry riding is endless and highway 550 provides decent access to everything from mellow lines to steep couloirs.  We decided on a mellower line through the trees to try and avoid any avalanche activity that may have been lurking in the snowpack.  We topped out at about 12,000ft, ripped off the skins, ate lunch and soaked up some mid-winter rays.

Can’t beat lunch with a view

The snow was in great condition due to a decent sized storm that had rolled through a few days prior. That meant fresh tracks and face shots for the ride down.  We hammered out two laps before calling it day and returning to the car for refreshments.

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