Here Goes Nothing

Little Emerald Looking Out

Hello world – So, a little bit about myself and why I am starting up this blog:

My name is Ross and I live in Durango, CO.  I grew up in Kansas and frequently visited the mountains of Colorado with my family through summer/winter vacations.  Those trips instilled a desire for adventure and exploring that grew into a passion and gave me a reason to start my career in this great state.  I moved out to Durango in January of 2014 after graduating from Kansas State University with a degree in construction management.  To keep this short and sweet, I have basically started this blog to keep records of my adventures throughout the state as well as neighboring states and to maybe inspire some people to get out and explore for themselves.  I hope to eventually grow this blog to contain content on scenic hikes and 14er climbs, mountain biking trails, photography, and all things in between.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading.


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